Monday, August 28, 2006

Anime Style Eyes Part 2 (the Anime look)

4. Take your Xacto blade holder and divit the white so you can see the circles
Cut'em out

5. Get that eraser out of the pencil and use it to cut out 2 small white pieces

This is what we should have now

6. use the holder and the eraser to "notch" the pupil so that the white pieces look like they are covering it

7. Put the pieces together on the underside of the "iris" and, using your pen, trace around them. cut on the inside of your line and fit the pieces back together again... Don't worry about glueing them... you just glue everything to your black back... Do your trimming, add something else, draw on it... They stay pretty flexible too (for the curves)

I hope this i informative to at least one person... Even ifit is not... it is to me... If this helps, it does...
Thanks for your time

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What Would Jesus Glue? said...

I used fun foam for my puppets eyes but it degraded over time. I now have to find another solution.