Monday, August 28, 2006

Anime Style Eyes Part 1 (not so anime yet)

xacto knife and blade holder, pencil with an eraser, pen, spool of thread, old CD, black and white foamies (2mm), and 2mm color of your choice foamie... Lets begin
1.Trace the spool twice on your color and cut them out

2. Find something slightly larger than the spool and cut 2 from the black... i already had a template made and forgot what i used

3. use the center of the cd and, again, cut 2

see where we're getting at... you can stop here if you want... slightly trim your edges, and corners(you know what i mean)... Glue it with whatever method you prefer, and go at it... if you want it to look more fancy... go to Part 2... ... ...

1 comment:

valita said...

these are great! you should get a set of circle spelbinder dies they would work great for this!