Monday, August 28, 2006

Puppet Eyes... lets say "anime style"

i haven't been doing puppetry/puppet building for very long at all, but decided to do this for anyone who would like to read it. Here is a way i found to do puppet eyes...

i started out looking for ways to make eyes for my puppets, and decided right away that pingpongs weren't my style... i did a few with the practice golf balls, but didn't like them much either... i went looking around for something... i found styrofoam balls (all shapes and sizes) Got some and went to it... i Hot Glued fleece and/or felt to them... That is where Haygood's, and Dirrty Sanch**'s eyes came from... Polly will have styrofoam eyes also...

But what i found was really good (for me) was the "foamies" material... 2mm for the iris, pupil, and reflections, and 3mm for the white "eyeball" part... i don't know what to call it, but i'll refer to it as the "eyeball thingy", or the "whites of the eye"... But "that there" will have to suffice also...

Back on topic...

here are the steps... ... ...

Anime Style Eyes Part 1 (not so anime yet)

xacto knife and blade holder, pencil with an eraser, pen, spool of thread, old CD, black and white foamies (2mm), and 2mm color of your choice foamie... Lets begin
1.Trace the spool twice on your color and cut them out

2. Find something slightly larger than the spool and cut 2 from the black... i already had a template made and forgot what i used

3. use the center of the cd and, again, cut 2

see where we're getting at... you can stop here if you want... slightly trim your edges, and corners(you know what i mean)... Glue it with whatever method you prefer, and go at it... if you want it to look more fancy... go to Part 2... ... ...

Anime Style Eyes Part 2 (the Anime look)

4. Take your Xacto blade holder and divit the white so you can see the circles
Cut'em out

5. Get that eraser out of the pencil and use it to cut out 2 small white pieces

This is what we should have now

6. use the holder and the eraser to "notch" the pupil so that the white pieces look like they are covering it

7. Put the pieces together on the underside of the "iris" and, using your pen, trace around them. cut on the inside of your line and fit the pieces back together again... Don't worry about glueing them... you just glue everything to your black back... Do your trimming, add something else, draw on it... They stay pretty flexible too (for the curves)

I hope this i informative to at least one person... Even ifit is not... it is to me... If this helps, it does...
Thanks for your time